Did you see the disclaimer at the very top of this page??

For super nerdy bookworms only.

This is extremely important! If you’re only moderately passionate about books, I’m sorry. You probably won’t enjoy our site very much. The people who will are the kind of people who would stay home from a party to read a book. More than once. People who talk about books over dinner. Who lend and borrow books more frequently than they can read them. Who spend long days and longer nights rapidly flipping pages, regardless of how early they have to get up in the morning. They spend their lunch hours at book stores. They..okay you probably know who you are.

But no matter who you are, welcome! Welcome welcome welcome. Please read the first post I wrote on this website: it describes my mission statement more fully. In a nutshell: come here to read reviews/quotes/opinions/discussions on wonderful books. Participate in the discussion yourself. We are so happy to have you join in!

Be sure to check out our favourite booky resources on the left, and read a few reviews.

Lots of love,

The Book Club.


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